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V Development Group LLC / Joint Venture

Community Over Competition

Having spent years refining our craft, we understand the ecosystem of the construction industry and we know that the construction industry consists of many companies of various sizes, each in their own unique stage of growth.

Whether your business is big, small, or just getting started, we support you and we are ready to back you up.

Advantages of our Joint Venture approach:

- Expand customer reach for construction work

- Enter new markets and gain access to otherwise unattainable construction contracts

 - Combine construction expertise

- Leverage production, technology, and marketing at a lower cost

 - Increase efficiency

- Increased competitive advantage

 - Increase profits

Connect with an Organizer to Get Started

Construction Workers

Professional Development

We provides opportunities to learn, develop and apply your talents at the highest level.

You’ll be exposed to an array of residential, commercial, and industrial projects—and feel empowered to make meaningful contributions.

V Development Group LLC  provides a robust framework for professional development. This includes a structured onboarding process, a wide variety of mentoring opportunities, Ask Me Anything leadership conversations, training that counts toward continuing education units and payment for professional licensure exams and memberships. Our rotating emerging talent program provides opportunities for young leaders to participate on V Development Group LLC's core boards.

Image by John Schaidler

Diversity + Inclusion

We’re committed to integrating diversity and inclusion principles into our hiring, our design processes and the physical environments we create.

Our Diversity Advisory Council works with firm leadership to promote an inclusive business ​​environment and a culture where people with varied backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experience can succeed. This commitment to diversity translates into our designs that incorporate divergent viewpoints to create spaces as inclusive as they are unique.

Construction Workers

Benefits & Perks

V Development Group LLC invests in our people. That's why we’ve designed a holistic benefits package intended to help you live your best life.

We offer a competitive salary; health and wellness plans; opportunities to save for retirement; professional development opportunities through in-house training; a bonus for professional licensure; reimbursement for the cost of joining a professional organization and maintaining licensure fees; and community volunteer opportunities.

House Renovation

Internships & Business Ventures

If you thrive on new challenges, are among the best and brightest in your field, and want to make important contributions to real-life design projects, we encourage you to apply for a student internship with HOK.

Our interns can work full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year. All internships are paid. Depending on your school’s curriculum, academic credit may be available.

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