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Project Name: 1621 N Drake Chicago, IL 60647 USA

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V Development Group LLC

Project Description

Full basement demolition & rehab to livable quarters.


Start Date: 9/1/2023 - 9/20/2023

*(Optional) Commercial Moving    get a quote
    Remove all items from project area before demolition process, broom sweep. 

 1.0 Blueprint & Permit Documentation 
     Secure the proper paperwork to begin Phase 1 of your project.

1.1 Demolition
    Deconstruct all existing exterior and interior framing, support columns, concrete slab. Haul away.


1.2 Cleaning 

    Remove all debris from demolition, broom sweep.

1.3 Masonry
Install rough underground plumbing for new bathroom and kitchenette.

Please note: gas, water and electricity may require proper disconnection and termination at the source before the demolition process can begin. 

1.4 Client Walkthrough
    Once this phase has been completed, walk with us to inspect your project in detail. Site walks can be done virtually or in person. 


Start Date: TBD

2.0 Carpentry

    Frame new exterior and interior walls.

2.1 Above Ground Plumbing
stall water and drainage for new toilet, new shower, new bathroom sink and kitchenette sink. 

2.2 Drainage    

    Install new drain tile system.


2.3 Joists Replacement
Repair undersized joists as needed.

2.4 HVAC- Permit Required    


    Install 2.0 ton 95K BTU HVAC system.


Meet My Team

We're responsible for building a better future for you.

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Ramon V.

Tynisha V.

Project Manager & Electrician

Project Manager

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 3.16.49 PM.png

Thoman M.


Construction Manager

Jose M.

Masonry Manager

Image by Jurica Koletić

Eric R.

Plumbing Manager

Project Notifications

Project Notifications

We've got something to tell you.

Blueprints are required for Phase 1 of your project.

Begin the process with us.

Already have blueprints? Upload  below.

Select File

Having trouble uploading? You can email your blueprints to us at:

We're ready to secure the necessary permits for Phase 1 of your project.

View the invoice

3D scan required after basement area has been cleared and free of debris.

* For construction plans including design, floor plans, and structural engineering -- $15k

3D Scan

This portion of your project has not yet begun. We'll leave a few reference scans so you know what to expect.

Basement Level



Main Level


Second Level

3.0 Electrical (Permit Required)
     Secure the proper paperwork to begin Phase 1 of your project.

3.1 Insula
    Deconstruct all existing exterior and interi
or framing, support columns, concrete slab. Haul away.


3.2 Drywall  

    Set and square the frame. Fill and level the ground. Lay rebar. Pour the concrete. Level and round off the slab. Finish the surface. Allow concrete to cure and remove forms.


    Paint all walls.

4.0 Cabinet Installation
     Hang and secure all cabinets.

4.1 Countertop Installation
    Install all kitchen cabinets.

3.2 Tile  

    Set and square tiles, mortar and cleanup.

Finishing Carpentry

    Paint all walls.


Start Date: TBD


Start Date: TBD


commrcial moving

Commercial Moving

Clearing your area before the real work begins.

*Service includes full moving and broom sweep of entire area.

Thanks for ordering!

Construction Manager

Contact Us

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Project Manager:
Ramon Vargas

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri 7:00am-5:00pm


Have a question about your project? Connect with your project manager.

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