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Team Name: Maureen Rush

Reference Number: #3126320870

Contractor Name: V Development Group LLC
Address: 4052 S Montgomery Ave, Chicago, IL 60632

West Loop Bathroom - Project I

701 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL  60661 United States

Bathroom Gallery

Bathroom Gallery - 3D Mapping

See Full Rendering Here

Bathroom Remodel Services - Strategy A

 Proposed Scope


   Prep Work.

   - Plastic tarp partitioning

   - Rosin paper floor protection

   - Ram board floor protection


   - Tub

   - Shower walls

   - Toilet

   - Double vanity

   - Mirror

   - Exhaust fan

   - Vanity light

   - Trench floor to run new shower drain

   - Open wall for future stand up shower plumbing

   - Open wall for future vanity unit plumbing and electrical

   - Remove door (flip hardware and reuse?)



    - Frame form for new shower base

    - Frame custom shower enclosure.

    - Add backing for retractable bench

    - Coordinate new vanity mirror w owner; build recess opening into wall if mirror-medcab selected)

    - Build recess opening for new shower niche

    - Trim new vanity cabinet

    - Trim new vanity mirror

    - Trim new retractable shower bench

    - Trim new glass enclosure

    - Trim new entry door

    - Frame existing tub shower wall with 6" stud backing to provide space to run new double vanity drainage.



    - Run new water supplies for new stand up shower fixtures

    - Trim new shower fixtures (coordinate design w/ owner)

    - Run new water supplies for vanity unit fixture

    - Run new drain for new vanity unit

    - Trim new sink(s) and fixture(s) (coordinate design w/ owner)

    - Trim new toilet (coordinate design w/ owner)

    - Install 9 kW steam generator


    - Eliminate vanity GFCI outlet

    - Eliminate switch box

    - Add switch box to opposite side of door opening (need to change door swing to accommodate new bathroom layout)

    - Add feed(s) for lighting for new stand up shower (coordinate design w/ owner)

    - Add feed for new vanity lighting (coordinate design w/ owner)

    - Add GFCI for new vanity

    - Relocate exhaust fan feed

    - Trim fixtures

    - Trim devices

    - Install new dedicated circuit for 220V, 60A steam generator. (If existing panel cannot support steam, replacement of panel for new panel with more spacing will be $1,200-$1,400 labor only.)

    - Add new lighting for shower enclosure.

    - Add switch control for shower lighting.


   - Patch trenching from new plumbing.


   - Patch, tape, sand, prime as needed.

   - Durock shower walls



   - Install new shower wall tile up to enclosure (4" x 12" subway tile)

   - Install new shower floor tile (coordinate design w/ owner)

   - Coordinate vanity back splash, if applicable, w/ owner

   - Patch floor after masonry

   - apply liquid waterproof membrane 


   - Coordinate paint design w/ owner

     Labor Estimate: $14,256.00

     Material Estimate: $4,000.00

     Fixture Estimate: $4,449.55

     Project Term: 2-3 weeks

Includes: Labor

Materials: Prep, lumber, concrete mix, copper tubing & fittings, pvc, outlet devices, switch devices, electrical fittings, grout, drywall, mortar, paint.

Fixtures: Glass shower door, medicine-cabinet mirror, vanity cabinet, vanity countertop, toilet, sink fixtures, shower fixtures, tile, shower drain cover, electrical fixtures, 

Proposed Budget for Labor: $15,856.00

Proposed Budget for Parts/Materials: $4,000.00 (plus electrical materials for dedicated 220v, 60amp line, extra framing materials).

Proposed Budget for Fixtures: $4,449.55

Total Proposed Budget: $24,305.55


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Operations: Ramon Vargas

Phone: 773-415-7428

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