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Building with Community,
to Bring You Quality.

A Socially Driven
General Contracting Enterprise

Our Purpose

Our firm was alive in spirit long before it's incorporation.


Generations of hard work ethic, sacrifice and a commitment to principle, carved by the evolving City of Chicago ecosystem, gave way to the leaders and organizers who operate V Development Group LLC today.

We dedicate ourselves to bring our clients the best product while maintaining the highest standards. By working more closely together in transparency, we can assure the ultimate success of our goals. 

We commit ourselves to grow and sustain a team with a focus on community rather than competition. This process starts with the way we communicate with each other from day one. Our duty to our team is to uplift, educate, build relationships, encourage independence and foster reinvestment into our communities. A team member learning on a project site today, will be the leader of a growing small business tomorrow, helping our company complete a larger contract it otherwise could not.


Our duty to our community is to onboard then empower the younger generation with the knowledge and tools to lead the future of the construction industry. To ensure a bright future for each new team member, we offer mental health counseling, mentorship, and team building exercises. As leaders and organizers, treating our team the way we ourselves want to be treated, instills confidence, self-reliance, capability, and the courage to be the best version of themselves. 

This is how we do our part to create a better future, a better workplace, and a better experience for our clients.

Our Approach

The Customer Experience is Paramount.

Our process has been refined through years of experience to create an efficient work flow, bringing our clients a team that provides quality craftsmanship and guaranteed results. We commit to bringing you the results so you can focus on whats important to you.


Create Client File, Determine the Project Scope, Estimating and Budgeting.

Project Management 

Virtual Project Management from your Device(s) to Facilitate the Construction Experience.

Project Completion

Final Walkthrough, Client File Updated to Show your Project is Complete.







Initial Contact

Communication, Site Visit

Contract Signing

Finalize Expectations, Scheduling, and Deadlines


Our Team Attends All Required Inspections, Copies of Inspection Results will be Uploaded to Your Client File.

Our approach

Let's start


Do you ever wish you could be in two places at once?

Are you finding yourself battling with opportunity cost, the more you take on?

Offset the pitfalls of balancing a heavy workload by working with us.

We commit to quality and deadlines to bring you results.

Manage your project(s) 


Untitled design (3)_edited.png
Untitled design_edited.png
Untitled design (4)_edited.png

When you begin your journey with us, your team will provide you with your own virtual client file. Your client file will evolve with the stages of your project.

With our virtual project management tool, keep tabs on permits, materials, scheduling, change orders, daily logs, photos, invoices, receipts and more. 


 Save time with us without compromising quality, deadlines, and results.

We're                    with your things.



Don't get overwhelmed with information. Stay organized by uploading copies of all of your project-related documents to your client file. Find everything you need in one place. You'll thank us later.

Upload Documents

3d rendering.png

When you're balancing multiple projects and you need to make a decision that's dependent on visuals, save yourself the trip and refer to job site photos or 3D mapping of the project site on your client file.

Visual Learning

Live Chat & Messaging

We're with you every step of the way. Get real time updates on incidents, change orders, deliveries and more. In-app messaging keeps everyone on the same page and allows you to reach out to your team, anytime.


See where everyone is, anytime, by visiting the master schedule in your client file. Reduce phone calls and scheduling conflicts by contacting your team to adjust your master schedule. 

DRIVEN Program

In partnership with the Rainbow Contractor Coalition, we are happy to open our application window to new protégés. 

Under the DRIVEN program, accepted applicants will become protégés and get access to mentorship opportunities, educational seminars, and apply new strategies to help shape an entrepreneurial career in construction.

Learn More.

Local Industry News

Mayor Brandon Johnson's team will scrap INVEST South/West name, but not its aims.

According to Johnson’s Deputy Mayor of Business and Neighborhood Development, Kenya Merritt, “We want our commercial corridors to be vibrant. We want people to have walkable communities. We want, no matter what your ZIP code is, no matter what neighborhood you’re in, for you to have access to good reliable transportation,” Merritt said. “And so our goals are aligned, but we may have a very different path of getting there.”

Sept 21, 2023, 6:00am CT

Mayor Brandon Johnson explores opening city-owned grocery stores in food deserts

Under Johnson's proposal, the city would use economic development grants. Johnson's policy chief, Umi Grisby said the city will team up with an organization to open a city-owned grocery in one of Chicago's food deserts. "So we are not spending any taxpayer dollars," Grisby said. "What we're also going to be able to access is the funding that exists at the national level, at the state level." 

Updated Sept 14, 2023, 5:30 am CDT

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